roborock E5

Roborock is now celebrating Mother’s Day with some enticing discounts. Three different models of Roborock’s newest self-cleaning machine can help you or mom get rid of one chore on your list forever. Heading of all Roborock Mother’s Day sale, we saw a significant price cut on the roborock E5 Mop Robot Vacuum Cleaner . It takes up to $110 off at just $259.99. Clean your floors more efficiently with the Roborock E5 mop. Equipped with OpticEye, dual gyroscopes and precise internal mapping. HyperForce has 38% more suction and doubles the battery power for deeper, longer-lasting cleaning. The 180ml SnapMop system removes tiny dirt that may be missed by vacuuming alone.

Roborock E4 Mop Robot Vacuum and Mop Cleaner is also on sale now. It is down to $199.99 with $180 discount. Roborock E4 features OpticEye, dual gyroscopes and precise internal mapping to clean your floors in a fast and efficient Z-pattern. Equipped with various infrared sensors and cliff sensors, the robot vacuum can avoid violent collisions and falling ledges. With a powerful suction design of 2000 Pa, the Stone E4 can easily lift hair, cereal, confetti, soybeans, etc. from the floor, running without problems on wood, tiles and carpets. At the same time, it has an ultra-thin 3.55 design, making it low enough to reach under beds, under sofas, and other areas that harbor dirt.

Features of roborock E5

  • Logical Navigation
  • 2500Pa Strong Suction
  • 180 ml SnapMop system
  • Large Battery
  • 640ML Oversize Dustbin
  • MagBase Remote Control
  • Total App Control
  • Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible

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